How to Be a One Hit Wonder

by Idle Child


It’s not about reinventing yourself…it is about finding what you do best and adding all the glitter, glitz n’ dirt. You are a niche, unique and one of a kind. So, get real with it and don’t stop doing you.

Take a cue from our guide here:

1.  Find your Wonder Girl look and rock it wherever you go. Sometimes wearing that iridescent catsuit while grocery shopping is all it takes to establish your personal power in the world.

2.  DGAF. Really, just don’t give a f#@k— about the opinions of others. We’ve all got them, and really most of the time they are best kept to oneself. So, carry on, head high and heels even higher!

3.  Get an entrance song. The power of music is undeniable. Why not adopt your own theme song. Blast it in your car, or on your phone and hit that dance floor, or shower…or bedroom.

All this adds up to finding the freedom of expressing yourself. We’re all freaks and it ain’t no competition.

Let the freak flag fly!



Photographer / Tyler Mielke

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