It’s that time of year where all around the country people are being celebrated for being true to themselves. So why not get yourself into that celebration mindset? Let’s celebrate each other! One Monday afternoon we filled a room with a collection of artists, performers and all around the finest creatives! With racks of clothes, bottomless mimosas and music pumping the magic began!

Our guide to Pride:

  1. Treat yourself to that new outfit you’ve had your eye on. We highly recommend sequins, feathers and wigs, or faux leather and loafers… Whatever makes you feel amazing!
  2. Start your morning with a nice bubbly beverage, and coffee, of course. Our special recipe: fill glass 3/4 of Champagne, splash of grapefruit juice. And don’t forget to cheers yourself in the mirror and snap it with all the filters.
  3. Selfies are a must! You will want to remember this moment for all of time. And don’t be shy about sharing. The world must see how amazing you are!
  4. Turn up the tunes! Dance your ass off. It’s great for your overall health and confidence!
  5. Surround yourself with people who love and accept you. It is important to be celebrated for who you are; take time to remind yourself that you are loved.
  6.  Take a moment to reflect on what Pride means to you, through its origin and the people that died to make Pride possible today. If you haven’t read about the Stonewall Riots, and Marsha P Johnson take time to explore. Remember that progress is just that, there is a road ahead still today in 2018!

Happy Pride!

Models: Seth, Trey, Tatum, Julia Starr, Grant, Max