She’s vibing off the free spirited way that made Haight-Ashbury a gathering place for the baby boomer generation. Not willing to fall in line with what was expected of them, a huge part of that generation set into motion the exploration of the power within oneself and the power of your voice.






We met Dev in downtown San Francisco at our hotel and instantly felt the good vibes. This is a woman who is making her own path, dreaming big and knows her way. Also a fan of Fleetwood Mac, the Stevie Nicks, this was already more than we imagined. A quick wardrobe change and we took a cab to The Haight. A first time for all of us, we got to explore this iconic hippie location together. Music led this community and the freedom of love and expression through art of all avenues. To this day Haight-Ashbury is as unique as the people that call it home and to those who experience it. Visiting an iconic place such as this, where the music legends of eras past once were has a lingering feeling of magic…it’s not hard to imagine Janice Joplin or Jimi Hendrix walking these streets. You almost feel it. To those greats who lived and made this place iconic, those who made us want to experience it for ourselves, their souls own this corner of the universe.


















Tie top & lace up pants by Idle Child

Muse: Dev / @devmore

Location: San Francisco